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Do I need to wear a helmet?

Yes. Local law requires riders to wear a helmet.

How do I start an e-scooter?

Visit our page Learn how to ride.

How do I contact Epic Electric Scooters?

Visit our contact page.

How do I rent an e-scooters?

Visit our how to rent page. 

How do I end my ride?

Park the e-scooter in a designated parking spot, and click end ride on the app.

Why cant I end my ride?

E-scooters should be parked at the designated parking zone in order to end ride

I have run out of battery; what do I do?

Our operations keep track in real time of all e-scooters.
If e-scooter runs out of battery, leave it there and ensure it is out of the way of pedestrians. Our team will locate the e-scooter and change the battery.

Can I ride with somone the e-scooter?

No, one person per e-scooter is allowed.

How old do i have to be to ride an e-scooter?

 16 years and older are allowed to ride an e-scooter.

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