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City Sky


Benefits of E-scooter Service

Net-Zero Acceleration
Supports municipal and provincial objectives for achieving net-zero emissions.
Climate Change Mitigation
Reduces carbon footprint associated with short-distance travel.
Affordable Transport
Cost-effective alternative for residents, enhancing accessibility.
Carbon-Neutral Adoption
Promotes carbon-neutral transportation methods for a sustainable urban environment.
Last-Mile Connectivity
Enhances transit accessibility by bridging gaps between public transportation hubs and final destinations.

Safety for our riders

Helmet Delivery System
Integration with the e-scooter and app for user safety.
Safe Ride
Quick reaction test within the app to ensure users are not impaired. 
ID Verification
Verification of Government Issued and Rider.
Atmosphere Lights
Increased visibility for nighttime riding.
Pre-ride Information
User education on rules and regulations.
Geofencing for Event Safety
Creating "no entry" zones for specific events
Speed Limit Reduction in High pedestrian areas
Enhances safety in crowded areas
Weather-Triggered Suspension
Proactive suspension during adverse weather conditions such as snow, hurricane, high winds etc.
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