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Epic Electric Scooters Inc.



These Terms of Use are a legal agreement (the “Agreement”) between you and Epic Electric Scooters Inc (Prince Edward Island).

**Please note that these conditions affect your legal rights including the right to sue or claim compensation. This form must be read and acknowledged before proceeding.** IF YOU AGREE TO THE USE OF SERVICES OFFERED BY EPIC ELECTRIC SCOOTERS INC, THESE TERMS APPLY TO YOU. YOU MUST EITHER READ THESE TERMS OR CHOOSE NOT TO ACCEPT THE SERVICE. IF YOU DO NOT UNDERSTAND THESE TERMS OF USE, THEN YOU MUST NOT ACCEPT THE SERVICE.

  1. The rental fee is based on the number of minutes you ride. Your riding time and amount owing are recorded in real-time in the Epic Electric Scooters app. The total payment will be deducted from your bank/credit card once you return the e-scooter to a designated parking location or zones swipe left on swipe option labelled 'End Trip’ in the app. Penalty fee will be charged when electric scooter in not parked in the designated parking location.

  2. Please note that when setting up the Epic Electric Scooter app, you are accepting our User Agreement.

  3. You shall regularly and periodically, as circumstances require, inspect, and maintain the e-scooter to ensure it is in good working order. You shall also check the tires, battery level, vehicle status, and functional parts before riding. Please do not attempt to ride an e-scooter when the battery is below 25%. You shall be liable for any damage to your rental e-scooter. You shall notify us regarding any concerns or issues with your rental e-scooter.

  4. You acknowledge that you shall not resell, relet, distribute and/ or modify the e-scooter under any circumstance.

  5. You shall ride the e-scooter in a safe and reasonable manner according to these instructions and safety warnings, and maintain a proper and safe speed when riding, especially around pedestrians.

  6. You shall always maintain a safe distance from pedestrians and other users, and where there is insufficient space to pass, you shall give right of way to a pedestrian or the other users by slowing or stopping as needed. 

  7. You shall learn and practice how to ride the e-scooter properly and safely. You assume all the risks and losses in connection with the e-scooter, especially for those related to and/or arising out of violation of the instructions about warnings and caution statements. Such risks include but are not limited to loss of control, failure of the e-scooter, and/or collision. Such risk may increase if you have physical and/or mental impairment or disability, or under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or a similar substance. Such risk may also increase if you are not sufficiently familiar with the functions, features, and performance of the e-scooter. We and the app developer and its affiliates shall not be liable for any claims, liability, and loss related to such consequences if it is due to your assumption of risk.

  8. You shall not ride the e-scooter while under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or a similar substance.

  9. You shall check and obey local laws and regulations for e-scooters in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island for Charlottetown users, Summerside, Prince Edward Island for Summerside users, Cavendish, Prince Edward Island for Cavendish Users, including the Electric Kick-Scooters Regulations. It is your responsibility to ride and use the e-scooter in compliance with local laws and regulations. Note that under the applicable regulations, you:

    • Shall not operate the e-scooter on roadways where the speed limit exceeds 60 kilometers per hour; 

    • Shall not operate the e-scooter on sidewalks; 

    • Shall not operate the e-scooter without a lighted lamp at any time between one half hour before sunset and one half hour after sunrise, or in any time where the weather conditions prevent sufficient lighting, such that objects are discernable at a distance of 150 meters;

    • Shall not operate the e-scooter if your driver’s license is cancelled or suspended, or if you are otherwise disqualified or prohibited from operating motor vehicles; 

    • Shall not carry any other person on the e-scooter; 

    • Shall stop when directed by a peace officer; and 

    • Shall immediately report to a peace officer any and all accidents involving the e-scooter, including collisions with pedestrian, animals, vehicles or other users. 

  10. The e-scooter should be ridden in a bike/micro-mobility lane if available. In the absence of bike or micro-mobility lanes, or if municipality by-laws prohibit the operation of the e-scooter in such lanes, the e-scooter should be operated on the shoulder of the roadway, or on the right side of the roadway, as close to the edge as possible. 

  11.  You shall use the bell as needed to notify cyclists, pedestrians, or others of your approach.. 

  12. You may obtain more information related to legal requirements for e-scooters from your local government.

  13. You understand that if you are found to be in contravention of any applicable regulations, statutes, or bylaws, you may be fined anywhere between $200 - $2,000. 

  14. You understand that it is solely your responsibility to ensure you are in compliance with any and all statutes, regulations or bylaws, whether provincial or municipal, while operating the e-scooter. 

  15. You are not permitted to ride your rental e-scooter outside of the set geo-fence. This is the area in the green on the map in the Epic Electric Scooters app. If you take the e-scooter outside of the geofence, an alarm will sound and the throttle will be disabled until you go back inside the geo-fence.

  16. You will attend to and comply with all ‘No-Ride’, Parking mandatory and ‘Low Speed’ zones, as set out in the Epic Electric Scooters app.

  17. Neither we nor the app developer and its affiliates and subsidiaries are responsible for injuries or damages caused by your inexperience or failure to follow the above instructions.

Please read these instructions carefully and learn how to ride an e-scooter before you ride. If you agree to the above, please check the check box to accept. Thank you for choosing Epic Electric Scooters shared micro-mobility service. We hope you have a safe and enjoyable trip!

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