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Step 1

Wear a helmet first, check e-scooter condition and test brakes by rocking back and forth whilst squeezing the hand brake.(e-scooter must not move when hand brake is squeezed) 

Step 4

Rotate handlebars to turn in direction you wish to go and squeeze hand break to stop or slow down.

Step 2

Retract the kick stand, place preferred foot on floor board and the other on ground

Step 5

When finished riding, put the kick stand down and park the e-scooter appropriately 

Step 3

Kick off from the ground to get moving and then press the throttle slowly for acceleration


Driving modes

Click button on display panel twice to change speed modes 

E-scooter has three modes:

Eco Mode(E) : Low speed(recommended for beginners.

Drive Mode(D): Medium speed(recommended for expeirinced riders + going up on hills)

Sports Mode(S) : High speed(excellent on going up hills) 



Click button on display panel once to turn it on



Press throttle to increase speed 


Hand Brake

Squeeze hand brake to slow down or stop



Rotate to ring bell. 


Kick Stand

Use kickstand to park e-scooter.

  • Riders must be 16 Years or older.

  • Rider must wear helmet at all times.

  • Riders must read and accept User agreement and waiver before renting the e-scooter.

  • One rider per e-scooter.

  • Follow local safety and traffic laws.

  • No impaired riding.

  • Do not ride on side walks 

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